Do you want to support our husky pensioners?

28 February, 2023

Support for our husky pensioners

Despite the pandemic and the economic situation, we have not changed our attitude that our huskies spend their whole lives with us. You can say from the first to the last day.
We are happy with every penny you send in support. Bank details can be requested via email.
What do we do with the money that comes in? Here are some examples: bones for dental hygiene, visits to the vet, feed additives, e.g. for osteoarthritis, etc.
It is also possible to send an order from you to us.
Here are some examples that can be ordered from Amazon:
  • chewing bone (beef)
  • Dog bed (eg AmazonBasics Elevated Pet Bed, Grey, XL)
  • Swedish Animal Pharmacy or European Pet Pharmacy articles for seniors


THANK YOU and a big kiss from our furry friends!

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